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Lembeh Straits – living large and shooting small

July 17th, 2009 by Andrew Sallmon | No Comments »

Mating Mandarins-0602Lembeh Straits Trip Report – 5-13th June 2009

The Lembeh Straits once again lived up to it’s reputation of serving up hundreds of the oceans rarest critters. This place is like going to an underwater zoo! It has almost everything rare that you will ever hear about and oddly enough, can be found in a relatively small area. We photographed several species of frogfish, scorpionfish, seahorse, ghost pipefish, crabs, shrimp and lobster and even the infamous Bobbit worm, etc. over the 7 days of diving there. Every other night I gave a seminar and critique of the previous days images.

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