Andrew Sallmon is a freelance underwater photographer and writer specializing in images and stories about marine life, scuba diving and the marine environment. His work has been featured in numerous books, dive, photography and lifestyle magazines, on calendars and  posters, in dive and underwater photographic equipment catalogs and advertisements and has also been displayed in major aquariums and natural history museums throughout the U.S., including the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the Smithsonian Institute.

A native of California, Andy spends much of his time diving and photographing the rich temperate waters of his home state, but also travels abroad several times each year to create new images of creatures not found in those waters. Certified to dive in 1979, then becoming a Scuba Instructor by the end of 1980, he became fascinated with the ocean world. Picking up his first camera that same year he became hooked on underwater photography. To see the ocean as a whole and to witness, document and understand the intricacies and miracles in the daily lives of its inhabitants became his life long quest.

After more than 22 years diving and photographing the oceans, he says that he is still just scratching the surface and learning to appreciate their subtle nature. Years of experience and a deep passion for what he does have paid off though, as he is now one of a fortunate few that earn a living as an underwater photographer.

Andy is often quoted as saying “I live to have the ocean in my viewfinder. Any day that I can do that is a fine day”.

Contact Andy directly for image and story requests, underwater photo expeditions, seminars and presentations.